One Driver for all Kyocera devices: Introducing the new Kyocera KX driver 6.0

One driver for all Kyocera devices: introducing the new Kyocera KX driver 6.0

With the new Kyocera KX driver 6.0, Kyocera Document Solutions, one of the world’s leading document companies, launches a single plug-and-play driver that works with all Kyocera printers and MFPs for greater efficiency. The Kyocera KX driver 6.0 offers a redesigned graphical user interface that intuitively puts users closer to the printing options they want for improved ease of use.

Typically, different drivers are required depending on the networked devices being used but for added simplicity one single Kyocera driver fits all KYOCERA devices. The Kyocera KX driver 6.0 uses a common interface to provide users with comprehensive access to all features of all connected devices. The driver is compatible with all Windows versions starting from Windows XP up to Windows 8 and Server 2012, and is both Microsoft and Citrix Certified, ensuring smooth connection with the user’s PC. Additionally, it supports 23 EMEAR languages, as well as all standard print languages, including PCL 5e/5c, PCL XL, KPDL (PostScript emulation) and PDF.

The Kyocera KX driver’s new intuitive graphical user interface makes it even easier to use than previous Kyocera KX drivers. Vertical tabs, which group actions together, enable all driver options to be seamlessly integrated into one window, so users require fewer clicks to find the printing options they need. Frequently used settings can be saved for even quicker access.

Enhanced functionalities offered by the Kyocera KX driver 6.0 include application based printing, a new email notification and an improved colour optimiser. Application based printing can save users time and reduce costs by using the same print settings for different applications, for example paper and toner costs are reduced if emails are always printed in black-and-white and duplex.

Email notification informs a selected email address when printing is complete, especially useful for long print jobs. Colour optimiser enables a user to adjust up to 10 specific individual colours in each adjustment setting for clearer results. This is particularly useful for matching company colours, for example.

“Whichever way you look at it, the Kyocera KX driver 6.0 will simplify document handling for our customers. From its easy, plug-and-play installation to its intuitive interface for all devices and advanced functionalities, users will notice the additional efficiency this driver brings to their work life,” explains Hans Gerd Schmidt, Software Product Manager, Kyocera Document Solutions Europe.
The Kyocera KX driver 6.0 is available as a free update for all Kyocera customers from

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