Printing in a Mobile Age

Printing in a mobile age

The business environment has changed. Frequent travel, working between multiple locations and virtual offices bring new demands for on-the-go access to files and documents. In many cases, electronic information is more useful than paper. With tablet PCs, smartphones now all part of the workplace, and with more data migrating to cloud computing, printing and scanning devices must adapt.

In this new mobile business environment, end users require a simple way to print and scan documents and images from their mobile devices. Kyocera’s innovative technology, powering both multifunctional products and mobile apps, provides a unique solution to make the office a truly mobile experience. Kyocera gives users business applications that allow them to print documents, web pages, and images from virtually anywhere, using their iOS or Android smartphone and tablets to select Kyocera multifunctional products (MFPs) and printers.

With Kyocera Mobile Print, end users can print and scan files using their smartphones and tablets to Kyocera’s printers and multifunctional products MFPs. Kyocera Mobile Print enables end users to meet their everyday document workflow needs much faster and easier when using iOS and compatible Android smartphones and tablets.

Kyocera also offers an application that enables archiving, printing and scanning of files in Evernote, a cloud storage provider, directly from Kyocera’s HyPAS-enabled MFP control panels. Users no longer require a computer to upload their files.

The way business professionals work is changing, and as they become more mobile they are finding cloud services, such as Evernote, more useful. Companies need to adapt their working environment to allow their employees to work anywhere and at anytime, Kyocera’s Mobile and Cloud solutions enable this to happen.

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