Business Application

Business Application

Business Applications or Apps are growing beyond smartphones and tablets. They are now being used in MFPs to help eliminate painstaking paperwork processes and create faster, more insightful analysis. Kyocera Document Solutions has been working with education authorities across the USA to develop Kyocera’s Teaching Assistant app, which helps teachers to focus more on the students and their teaching.

Teaching Assistant replaces the time-consuming, error-prone task of manually printing, grading and analyzing multiple-choice tests. By running it on a Kyocera MFP, the device prints the test sheets, as needed. Once the tests are completed, they are scanned on the MFP and compiled within the app, making scores and associated reports immediately available. Those reports may be exported directly to an email address or a USB drive and can even be saved as Microsoft Excel-based.csv files for integration with other departments within the institution.

Comprehensive analytics drill down to the questions that students found easiest and most difficult, enabling educators to identify strengths and weaknesses, then plan their lessons accordingly. Extra help, if necessary, can be provided sooner rather than later.

Besides the time-savings and productivity gains for teachers, Teaching Assistant also reduces costs for schools – the test sheets are printed on plain paper, instead of more expensive pre-printed media that also require dedicated scanning systems. Additionally, as the app is embedded on the MFP, Teaching Assistant requires no network resources or IT support and there is no server software to install or PC to connect.

Following Teaching Assistant’s success in educational institutions, a number of companies have also started using this application in their corporate training.

Whether in educational institutions or corporate environments, the pressure to find new and innovative ways to improve training methods, while reducing cost, is a continuous goal. Kyocera understands leveraging the power of its MFPs with robust business applications such as Teaching Assistant, creates new and innovative processes which can improve these mission-critical business and educational initiatives.

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