Kyocera Network Fax Installation.

Insert the Kyocera driver into the CD drive. If it autoruns, exit the Kyocera Product Library.

Open My Computer. Right click the Kyocera logo and select Open.

Open FAX>FAXDRV>FAXDriver>Win2K_XP and double click Setup icon.

Kyocera Network Fax Installation Wizard will appear. Click Next.

Select KM-2820 and click Next.

Select Create a new port.

Click Next.

Add Standard TCP/IP Printer Port Wizard will appear, click Next.

Input the IP address of the Kyocera MFP and click Next.

Back in Kyocera Network Fax Installation Wizard, click Next.

Click Install.

Network Fax installed successfully, select No.

Click Finish.

Kyocera Network Fax Transmission.

How to send fax from computer.
Open a file to fax.
The example here is Microsoft Word document.
Click the printer icon. Make sure that your printer is Kyocera KM-2820 NW-FAX.

Kyocera Network Fax Transmit Setting will appear. Input the fax number and click Send.
NOTE: Make sure that the recipient fax is a stand alone fax or an autofax.

If the telephone line used is connected to a telephone system, you have to dial a certain number that will give to a dial tone to connect to an outside line (e.g. 9-8998421). The first digit “9” is followed by “-” hyphen or minus sign then the 7-digit telephone number. The “-” minus sign serves as a pause.

Configuring Network Fax Reception

Open Internet Explorer and go to Kyocera Command Center.

In the Kyocera Command Center, click on Fax tab.

Click Forward.

Click Forward.

Click Add.

For TASKalfa models,

Move the mouse on RX/Forward Requirements then click General.











Click Advanced.











Click Forward.











Click Add.












Here the fax can be forwarded to…

a. Another Fax machine.

b. e-mail

c. FTP

d. SMB

NOTE: If the machine has been configured for scan to e-mail, scan to FTP or scan to SMB, click Import Contacts.

Select where do you want the fax to be forwarded.

Click Submit.

Sample fax forwarded

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