SCAN TO PC using Scanner File Utility.

This scanning feature is applicable for Voyager, Atlantis and Orion series.
KM-C2525e, KM-1650/2050/2550 and TASKalfa 181/221.


Create a folder for the scanned files.

Here the folder name is scan.

Installing Scanner File Utility

Run the CD Kyocera Product Library then click Accept.

Click Scanner Tools.



Click Scanner File Utility.

Install Shield Wizard will appear, click Next.

Click Finish.

Configuring Scanner File Utility

Go to Start > All Programs > Scanner User Software > Scanner File Utility.

Now you’ll see the SFU icon below.

Right-click the SFU icon then click Configuration.


Scanner File Utility window will appear, click Setup.

In the Setup window, click New.

In the Folder Setting, click the box next to Folder.

Select the folder then click OK.

Back in the Folder Setting window, type a number in the empty box or just type 1 then click OK.

Back in the Setup window, check the Reception Notice and Permit File Overwrite then click OK.

Click OK to exit.

Right-click the SFU icon then select Start.

Allowing Scanner File Utility thru a Firewall

Go to Start > Control Panel.

Double-click Windows Firewall.

Click Exceptions tab.

Click Add Program.

Select Scanner File Utility then click OK.

Click OK.

Configuring the Kyocera Network Scanner

Go to Start > Internet Explorer.

In the address bar of Internet Explorer type in the IP Address of the Kyocera Scanner.

In the Kyocera Network Scanner page, click Sender.

Click an empty number.

In the Sender Setting, type in a name (e.g. TUSKalpha Scanner)

Scroll down then click Registration.

Under the Scan to PC Setting, click Destination List.

Select an empty number.

Click Single Registration

In the Destination Registration, type in a name and IP Address of PC. Click Registration.

If scanning is succesful, Scanner File Utility will prompt on your Desktop. Just click OK.

In the Received File List, all text in red means that the scanned document is not read. Double-click it to view the file.

Then you will see something like this

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