WSD Scan

Web Services for Devices (WSD) is Microsoft standard for connectivity to web services enabled devices.

WSD started in Windows Vista. Configuring MFPs on Vista is complicated while on Windows 7 it is easy.

WSD Scan is available on New Kyocera MFPs namely FS-1035_1135MFP, FS-3040_3140MFP, FS-C2026_2126MFP, FS-6525_62530MFP, FS-C8520_8525MFP, TASKalfa 3500i/4500i/5500i/6500i & 3050ci/5550ci  and previous models namely KM-2810/2820, FS-6025_6030MFP, FS-C8020_8025MFP & TASKalfa 300i, 420i/520i & 250ci


 Windows 7.


Go to Start >> Computer

Click Network


Under Multifunctional Devices, select Kyocera MFP, right-click it and click Install.

If installation is successful you will see something like below.

Go to Start >> All Programs >> Windows Fax & Scan

Minimize it.

Go to Kyocera MFP.

For TASKalfa models:

1. Press SEND button.

2. On the display press WSD Scan.

3. Select From Operation Panel then press Next.

4. Select the destination computer then press OK. If there is no destination PC press Reload.

5. Place the document to be scanned on the glass or on the DP and press Start key.


For Discovery, Cygnus & Gemini series:

1. Press Send button

2. Scroll down, select WSD Scan, press OK

3. Select From Oper. Panel, press OK

4. Waiting for WSD Scan Operation will be displayed. If nothing happens after 60 seconds, reboot the machine and try again.


Back to your PC, WSD Scan Device window will prompt, just click OK.

Scanned document will be displayed.


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