How to configure CMS on ACCESS Database

Step 1: Open CMS Standard Plus and go to ‘Extras” -> ‘Database Fields’

Step 2: Add Database Fields by clicking the Add button found on the bottom left.  Make sure to fill-up both Language G and Language GB. (refer to the image below)

Step 3: Highlight and right-click a Card Type.

Step 4: After right-clicking, click on Edit Card Type

Step 5: Click on the Data Source tab

Step 6: Select Database then click Settings..

Step 7: Click Data Source

Step 8: Click Machine Data Source tab, then click “New”

Step 9: Select System Data Source

Step 10: Select Microsoft Access Driver (.*.mdb) then click Next

Step 11: Set Data Source Name, then click Select

Step 12: Browse the ACCESS file *.mdb that you’re going to use, then click OK.

Step 13: Click OK

Step 14: Click OK

Step 15: Enter login name and password, if none, just click OK.

Step 16: Select ODBC-Data Source you’ve just created. Click Select Tables.

Step 17: Under Database Tables, highlightthe table you’re going to use.

Step 18: Check the fields you are going to use on the database table.

Step 19: You can also check the Select All box at the bottom part of the window.

Step 20: Click OK.

Step 21: Highlight Pictures, then click Edit Fields.

Step 22: Under Images, check Path, Set Path Directory, Table & Field.

Step 23: Click Save then Click OK.

Step 24: Highlight Signature, then click Edit Fields.

Step 25: Check Path, Set Directory Path, Table & Field.  Click Save then click OK.

Step 26: Set Database Field to the corresponding Data Source Field.  Click OK.

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