Configuring Optional Interface PS1109 Gigabit Ethernet

Insert the SEH PRODUCT CD into the CD/DVD drive and go to Computer (My Computer for Windows XP).

Right-click CD Drive InterCon-CD and select Open.

Browse for the InterCon-NetTool. InterCon-CD > files > nettool > Windows

Run the InterCon-NetTool-1.8.43 installer.

InterCon-NetTool window will appear. This application will detect the PS1109 Gigabit Ethernet.

Right-click the printer and select IP Wizard.

Select Manual TCP/IP Configuration to manually input the IP Address. Select Automatic TCP/IP Configuration to let the printer obtain IP Address automatically.

If Manual TCP/IP Configuration is selected, type in the IP Address of the printer.

Click Finish to exit setup.

Open a web browser. e.g. Firefox. Type in the IP address of the printer in the Address bar then press Enter key.

If the setup is good, you will something like below. Otherwise, return to InterCon-NetTool to configure the printer.

You may now install the Printer the way the network printer should be installed.



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