How to Set-Up ThunderBird in LDAP

How to Set-Up ThunderBird in LDAP

1.      If you continued from the e-mail setup above go on to step two. Otherwise, open Thunderbird and click “Tools” in the menu bar, then select “Account Settings”.

2.      Select “Composition & Addressing” on the left-hand side. Then make sure the circle next to “Use a different LDAP server” is filled in and click the “Edit Directories” button.

3. On the “LDAP Directory Servers” window, click “Add”

4.  On the “Directory Server Properties” window, change the details so that the information matches that which is listed here:

Base DN,o=domains,dc=philcopy,dc=com,dc=ph
Bind DN mail=EmailAccount,ou=Users,,o=domains,dc=philcopy,dc=com,dc=ph
Port number 389
Use secure connection (SSL) Unchecked

Notes: Change the Email Account with your Email.

After entering the information above, click “OK”.

5. Select “” in the “Use a different LDAP server: drop-down.

6. Click “OK”.

Directory Searches

1. To search the Directory press the “Address Book” button on the toolbar.

2. Select “” in the list of available address books on left-hand side. Click one in the text field above the results window (to the right of the magnifying glass) and enter the name of the person you are searching for (hint: unless the person has a common last name, e.g., TPC.NITZ, enter only their last name). Once you have entered their name, press the Enter key on your keyboard.

3. When you find an address you would like to add to your addressbook. Click and hold on the address, now drag the cursor (while still holding the click) to “Personal Address Book”.

Manually Adding Contacts

1. To add a contact to your address book, click the “Address Book” button on the toolbar.

2. Click the “New Card” button on the toolbar.

3. Insert the contact information, then click “OK”.

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