DAHLE 41xxx CleanTEC series: Adjusting the microphone sensitivity

DAHLE 41xxx series of shredders do have built-in microphone. This microphone, when triggered, shuts down the motor automatically. The microphone is triggered when the machine is tapped on it’s top surface or when someone spoke loud in front of the shredder. Why do we need to adjust the microphone sensitivity? That is the question we have to answer. There are cases when the shredder suddenly stops leaving the paper in it’s mouth. Sometimes when two or people are talking while shredding the shredder stops.  If you are a customer, you will wonder why it stopped. You have no idea why it stopped. This is where you, as a service engineer, explain to the client about the shredder about the microphone and adjust its sensitivity.

The instruction on how to adjust the microphone sensitivity is shown below (Figure 1).

Note: Adjust the microphone sensitivity to its minimum.


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