DAHLE 41xxx CleanTEC series: Restoring factory default

Who would have thought that a shredder would have simulation mode? Well in the case of DAHLE 41xxx series, they do have simulation mode! Just like a copier, you have to press a certain button or a combination of buttons to change or adjust its settings. Restoring a shredder to its factory default brings the shredder back to its original setting which allows the customer to shred the way he/she shreds from the first day the shredder was purchased. The shredder has a paper thickness sensor. Lets say that a certain shredder accepts 20 sheets of paper and it jammed. The shredder automatically adjust the thickness input so that you will not be able to shred 20 sheets. It will allow you to shred 18 sheets or lower. The following day/week/month it jammed again. The day will come the customer will only shred a maximum of 5 sheets. That’s the time to restore the shredder factory default.


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