USB TWAIN SCAN (Aquarius Series)

The new Aquarius MFP series has its own TWAIN driver for its scanner – Kyocera Client Tool. Unlike the Kyocera TWAIN Driver, Kyocera Client Tool needs no configuration. You can scan right after the printer installation using the CD Driver included with the unit using a third party softwares such as XnView or using the default Windows Fax & Scan on Windows 7 & 8.

MFP Installation on Windows 8


twain 1
twain 2
twain 3
twain 4
twain 5
twain 6

TWAIN Scan via Windows Fax & Scan

Point the mouse on the upper right corner of your computer screen to display the Task Pane then click Search.
twain 7
At the right side, type in “windows” in the search box to display all programs containing “windows”. At the left side click on Windows Fax and Scan. If you can not see Windows Fax and Scan, make sure that Apps is highlighted below the search box.
twain 8
twain 9
In the Windows Fax and Scan, click Scan. It is located at the lower right.
twain 10
Click New Scan. Select Device window will appear. Choose a scanner then click OK.
twain 11
Now you are ready to scan.
twain 12
twain 13
Here’s the sample scan.
twain 14

TWAIN Scan via XnView & Scan

twain 15
twain 16
twain 17
Run the Kyocera Client Tool.
scan 1
Select Scan
scan 2
Click on the Folder icon.
scan 3
Browse for the folder where the scanned file will be saved and click OK.
scan 4
scan 5
Open the folder where scanned documents will be saved. Inside that folder will display a list of folder/s wherein the folders are named by date & time during scanning.
scan 6
scan 7
Here’s the sample scan.
scan 8

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