How to configure WiFi Connection and WiFi Direct on Kyocera Printers

This procedure is for configuration of WiFi connection and WiFi Direct on Kyocera Printer.

There are two procedure on how to connect the Kyocera Printer on WiFi Connection.

  • If you are using laptop or desktop with WiFi dongle connection, here’s the procedure.
  • Activate the WiFi and WiFi Direct on the machine. After activating, reset the machine.
  1. Connect the laptop through WiFi Direct of the machine.
  2. Once the laptop is connected, Use the CD-Driver to configure the WiFi Connection.
  3. Select the Maintenance.

4. The utility program will run and select the WiFi Setup Tool.

5. The WiFi Setup tool pop-up and select “Do not use WPS“.

6. Continue the process.

7. Click next, and select the WiFi Direct.

8. Click next, and select Advance setup.

9. Click next, and select Express.

10. Let the setup program discover the device on the local network and click next.

11. Input the authentication, by default use Admin as username and password.

12. Now, select the desired WiFi Connection and input the password of the WiFi.

13. Click next, and you are connected to the desired WiFi.

  • If you are using desktop computer with LAN Connection, Here’s the procedure.
  • Make sure that the WiFi of the machine is activated. Connect the machine to network using the LAN Cable.

1.Follow the procedure above from 3 to 6. Now Select the LAN Cable.

2. Click Next, and select Easy Setup.

3. Follow the procedure above from 10 to 13.

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