How to Configure SMB Scanning on Mac OS X Leopard (version 10.5) & Snow Leopard (version 10.6)

NOTE: THIS PROCEDURE IS NOT APPLICABLE ON MAC OS X LION (version 10.7), MOUNTAIN LION (version 10.8) & MAVERICKS (version 10.9). Use SCAN to FTP instead.

1. Create a folder where all scanned documents will be stored.

2. On the desktop, Click on File tab and select New Folder.

3. Name the Folder.

4. Here, it is scan2mac.

5. Click the Apple icon on the upper left corner and select System Preferences.

6. Under Internet & Network, click Sharing.

7. Click on File Sharing. If it is unchecked, check it.

8. On the center is Shared Folder. Below it click the plus sign (+) button.

9. Select scan2mac and click Add.

10. Under Users, click on Everyone and select Read & Write.

If there is no Everyone under Users, click the plus sign (+) button below and add it.


11. Open a web browser. (Safari is the default browser for Mac)

12. In the Address bar type in the IP address of Kyocera MFP.

13. Click Login.

14. Type the password “admin00”.

15. Click on Basic tab.

16. Click Address Book and select Contacts.

17. Click Add Contact button.

18. Under Contact Info, type a name (e.g. Macky)
Under SMB, type in the computer name or IP Address of Mac PC (e.g. tpc-mac)
Type in the folder name in Path (e.g. scan2mac)
The Login Username & Password is the Mac’s login username & password (e.g. Login username is “tpc” & password is “tpc” or you may ask the Mac’s owner or the end-user)

To know the computer name of Mac, just go to System Preference’s Sharing or refer to image7 in step no. 7.

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